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Memcached With PlatformLayer

Let’s use PlatformLayer to run memcached as a service! I’m starting with memcache because it’s the simplest service I can imagine (no persistence, no inter-machine coordination, etc)

So I added memcached support to PlatformLayer the other day. The patch is pretty simple; I think it took about 20 minutes. Writing PlatformLayer’s first integration test took a lot longer!

I’ve moved the instructions that were here to MemcacheAAS on the wiki


That’s it: memcache as a service. Obviously there’s a lot more to a full memcache-as-a-service system, but here’s the magic thing: it took 20 minutes to code, and as we extend PlatformLayer to include the missing functionality the hope is that you will get that missing functionality without any memcached-specific code.

What service should we do next?